Interior Design 裝修設計,

The packaging design awareness

Resulting goods and packaging accustomed to degenerate into a talk. This deeply entrenched, many people think that is not good, but I think this is not a bad thing. In my view, should continue to strengthen, but to strengthen guidance Bale. A new concept enjoys popular spent pneumatic than eliminate absolute original concept, new ideas and old ideas with each other's facilities, the new wine in the old pot courage, inherited, that is more than good thing. Marketing concept into today's art and design, focus on the beauty of human nature, social harmony and unity with nature, civilized civilization become the common aspiration of all branches of all art and design school disciplines. . The rapid economic growth, material and cultural Cinese up a variety of design embodied in goods, such as advertising design, industrial design, graphic design, have the magazine are to reflect the value of the commodity in packaged goods, and grade. Achieve psychological satisfaction of the customer's purchase. Modern commodities, including the specific goods and services. Fruits of interior design is a commodity in the fact that there is space divided into a small space with decorative space, the purpose of this fixed space master to achieve in an environment of self-hearts, reflecting substances and survival of the masters of the pursuit, the ideal and the reality ablation packing master space psychological pursuit, the packaging master's emotions. The packaging design awareness, interior design workers more complete understanding of the role of interior design, to grasp the reality of the pursuit of beauty, to grasp the scale of the value of design in art, really establish the master ambition interesting. Academia, many of my friends will not object to the packaging design consciousness is unified cultural connotation for the value of the goods and packaging, packaging consciousness is absolutely not unscrupulous businessmen in the 1990s of low-cost manufacturing advanced packaging high sales price of things. What is the design, in my opinion, is the commodity coat, this coat is packaging. Art colleges will be designed to be divided into a number of disciplines, packaging consciousness fixed in a certain direction, in fact, there is no understanding to the design of the growth of the middle course, too much refinement in one direction will make the design lame leg side branches.